After Hours
After Hours

L.J. Smith

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"This is a story about the first time that Bonnie met Damon—the real first time."
L.J. Smith[1]

After Hours is the fifth and final instalment in the An Untold Tale series, uploaded onto on June 19, 2011.[1] The story is about how Bonnie McCullough and Damon Salvatore first met.

Author's notesEdit

"This is a story about the first time that Bonnie met Damon—the real first time. And don't worry if you're not a Bamon fan. There is something about Elena coming to the Stories section soon."[1]

Character indexEdit

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Errors and inconsistenciesEdit

  • "McCullough" is once misspelt "McCullogh".
  • Bonnie's paper is in for "the day after tomorrow". However, "tomorrow" is said to be a Friday, meaning that the paper was due in for Saturday, when school would not be expected to be held.
  • Kemp is said to be the librarian of Robert E. Lee High School rather than Grimesby.
  • Although the story begins with Damon's arrival in Fell's Church, it was heavily implied that he arrived on or before the first day of school, as a crow watched both Elena and Stefan the morning before school. This is not necessarily an error, as it could be explained that the crow was not actually Damon.
  • When Bonnie lists the people that she loved, the only members of her family that she mentioned were "her parents and her sister Mary". However, she has a total of four sisters.

Notes and referencesEdit

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