Beatrisa Rodriguez
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June 6, 1977[1]
Sulez house, Fell's Church, VA[2]

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"So Klaus didn't kill him [Cristian] like Grandmother."
Meredith Sulez[src]

Beatrisa Rodriguez (d. June 6, 1977[1]) was a hunter-slayer and member of the Rodriguez family. She and her husband[3] had a daughter named Gabriella, who, with her own husband Fernando Sulez, chose not to follow in her ancestors' footsteps.

On June 6, 1977, Beatrisa and her husband were present at the Sulez house for Cristian and Meredith's third birthday. However, they were attacked by Klaus, who attacked Gabriella's parents. Her mother did not survive.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • No mention of Beatrisa is made when Meredith talks about her grandfather's attack in The Fury, and it is later said that Klaus "tried" to kill her grandmother and herself. However, in The Return: Midnight, Meredith says that Klaus actually did kill Gabriella's mother. It could, however, be that Meredith simply did not want to talk about her grandmother's death in Dark Reunion, and chose only to say that Klaus attempted to kill her.


Notes and referencesEdit

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