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Bonnie May McCullough
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Slave (August, 1992)

"Just when I thought everything is going to be all right, just when I thought it's all going to work out after all. It's going to be the way it was supposed to be. We were supposed to go to college together, and then we were supposed to come back here to Fell's Church. Back home. We had it all planned out - since kindergarten, practically - and now Elena's human again, and I thought that meant that everything was going to go back to the way it was supposed to be. And it's never going to be the same again, ever, is it?"
—Bonnie McCullough[src]

Bonnie May[5] McCullough (b. September,[1] 1974[2]) was the psychic daughter of Colin and Ailsa McCullough (née Lachlan), and younger sister to Sheena, Janet, Elspie and Mary. Her grandmother predicted that her powers were stronger than that of any of her maternal ancestors, and the addition of her father's family's own ancestry made her especially powerful.[6] She was raised in Fell's Church, Virginia, and befriended Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Meredith Sulez and Matt Honeycutt, all of whom she remained friends with through high school at Robert E. Lee, though Caroline drifted somewhat.

In 1991, Bonnie entered her first trance, unknowingly being possessed by Honoria Fell. Her awakened powers proved useful in saving Stefan Salvatore from a well on the Francher property, as well as in the group's search for and fight against the "Other Power" in the town. Bonnie was offered the chance by Honoria Fell to be stripped of her powers, but she decided to keep them and refused the offer, which proved useful after Klaus arrived in Fell's Church. After Klaus's death, Bonnie helped in the fight against Shinichi and Misao and their mistress, Inari, and briefly became a slave in the Dark Dimension. A deal with the Celestial Court led to these supernatural events being effectively erased, aside from in the group's memories. Bonnie enrolled at Dalcrest College, where she meets Matt's shy roommate Bastian.


Early lifeEdit

Bonnie was born on September 11 or September 18, 1974[1] as the fifth daughter of Colin and Ailsa McCullough. As their youngest daughter,[7] she inherited the psychic powers passed down through both the McCullough and MacLachlan families.[6] She was raised in the McCullough household in Fell's Church, Virginia with her elder sisters; Sheena, Janet, Elspie and Mary.

Bonnie befriended Caroline, the daughter of Ailsa's friend Mrs. Forbes. She also formed friendships with Elena Gilbert, Matt Honeycutt and Meredith Sulez at kindergarten, and would later talk about how they had planned their lives out since meeting there.[8]

Physical descriptionEdit

"The maiden, who was exceptionally dainty and pretty and had, to a vampire, the most exquisite feature of all, an exceptionally long and delicate column of a neck, was looking up at him soulfully. That was nice, that she was short. Damon didn’t care that much for tall girls because he wasn’t very tall himself. She also had - you couldn't help notice - particularly large eyes in her small heart-shaped face, giving her the appearance of a kitten. They were clear brown eyes, with a dark ring at the outer rim of the iris, then a very light brown ring, as if light were shining through them in the middle, and then another dark ring around the pupil. Her hair was the color of a strawberry and curled softly all over her head in a way that made you think “pixie.” Altogether, she was a lovely little ornament, with fine blue veins in naturally translucent skin."
Bonnie has hair the color of a strawberry, or more accurately described as strawberry blonde, which used to be straight but was permed curly before the start of senior year to make her seem taller.[9] She's described as being petite, barely reaching 5 feet with a body that is mostly still adolescent-like.[10] She has a small heart shaped face with large wide-set brown eyes.[11][12] Bonnie has very fair skin to point it looks translucent.[13]

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  • Bonnie is a Scottish name meaning pretty, charming, beautiful.
  • May is an English feminine given name. It is derived from the name of the month, which comes from Maia, the name of a Roman fertility goddess.
  • McCullough is a Scottish surname meaning wild boar.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the television adaptation, Bonnie McCullough's last name is changed to Bennett and she's African-American with dark hair and green eyes. Her family descends from Salem Witches and she's raised by her grandmother.


Notes and referencesEdit

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