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Between late September, 1974 and August, 1975[1]

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5'9 - 6'0

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"A lot of things changed while you were gone this summer, Elena. And just maybe your time on the throne is running out."
—Caroline to Elena Gilbert[src]

Caroline Beula[5][6] Forbes (b.1974 or 1975[1]) was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forbes and elder sister to Daniel. Born into a privileged family, Caroline became a popular student at Robert E. Lee High School, and eventually turned against her long time rival and friend Elena Gilbert for her own status.

In a bid to take down Elena and Stefan Salvatore, Caroline worked together with Tyler Smallwood, but their plan ultimately failed due to Damon Salvatore's meddling. She was later attacked by Katarina von Swartzschild, who attempted to use her against the Salvatores, but Caroline ultimately helped thwart Katerina's plans. Taken hostage by Klaus and Tyler, Caroline was used as a blood bag, and became pregnant with Tyler's twins. This resulted in her slowly becoming a werewolf and losing her mind thanks to Inari Saitou's malach. Her sanity was restored following the Celestial Court's alterations to the world, and she enrolled at Dalcrest College.



"Maybe it was because the actress for Sylvia was Caroline Forbes, who in fourth grade had done things like giving herself Indian burns and then running to tell the teacher Matt had done it."

Caroline was born to Mr. Forbes, a well-connected society member with associates in high places, and his wife. She had a younger brother named Daniel, and was, through her father, related to a powerful district attorney.

Caroline attended kindergarten with Elena Gilbert, whom she befriended.[7] Her mother was friends with Gabriella Sulez, which led to a friendship with her daughter, Meredith. Caroline also befriended Bonnie, the daughter of another of her mother's acquaintances, Ailsa McCullough.

Caroline attended the same elementary school as Elena, Meredith and Matt Honeycutt.[8] In the fourth grade, Caroline did things such as giving herself Indian burns and accusing Matt of inflicting them on her, getting him in trouble with the teacher.[8] In the fifth grade, Caroline and Elena experimented with cigarettes at Elena's house and scorched the floorboards of her bedroom.[9] In the seventh grade, Caroline, Elena, Bonnie and Meredith attended their first school dance together, which became a tradition.[10]

High school careerEdit

Earlier yearsEdit

Caroline Forbes2


Caroline: "Hey, girls, he looks like a jumpy one to me."
Meredith: "Then he can't take her out. Nobody jumps Elena—"
Caroline: "I think Iʼll go with him instead. He and I go way back!"
— Caroline and Meredith on Matt[src]

In September or October, 1990, Elena gathered Caroline, Bonnie and Meredith at her house so that they could become reacquainted with Matt, with whom she was going on a date. It had been a tradition among the girls since junior high. Caroline was dressed formally in turquoise, and may have been going on a date of her own.[11] Caroline joked that she would go out with him instead of Elena, remarking that he seemed "jumpy" and that the two had known each other for years.[12] After he made a poem asking for the girls' blessing, Caroline believed that Terry Watson or someone else on the football team had written it for him, but relented and gave him her approval.

Caroline, Bonnie and Meredith, after Elena and Matt had an accident at Wickery Pond that winter, drove Matt's car to them after finding the keys in the ignition. Caroline handed Elena her fur-trimmed coat, and later told her that Bonnie had fainted while looking at the bonfire and believing that she'd seen a ghost.[13]

While Caroline and Elena had always competed good-naturedly, Caroline began to take the rivalry more seriously and became jealous of her.

Competing for the throneEdit

Bonnie: "And his name is Stefan, Stefan Salvatore, and he's from Italy, and he's boarding with old Mrs. Flowers on the edge of town. He is so romantic. Caroline dropped her books, and he picked them up for her."
Elena: "How clumsy of Caroline. What else happened?"
Bonnie: "Well, that's all. He didn't really talk to her. He's ver-r-ry mysterious, you see."
— Bonnie and Elena[src]

Over the summer of 1991, Caroline grew at least an inch.[14] While Elena was on holiday in France, Caroline enjoyed being at the highest level of the social hierarchy, later telling Elena that "a lot" had changed that summer. On the first day of term, Caroline set her sights on new student Stefan Salvatore, as did Elena. She told her that she planned to take the throne of Robert E. Lee away from her. When Caroline dropped her books in Biology, Stefan picked them up for her, but they did not converse much that lesson. After History of Europe, Caroline watched as Stefan rudely rejected Elena,[15] and smirked later when he rejected her a second time.[16]

"It was Caroline, her auburn hair rich and glossy, her skin tanned to a perfect bronze. She was wearing a dress of pure gold lame that showed an incredibly daring amount of that perfect skin. She slipped one bare arm through Stefan's and smiled lazily up at him. They were stunning together, like a couple of international models slumming at a high school dance, far more glamorous and sophisticated than anyone else in the room."

Caroline withdrew from her old social group, spending her time with Stefan, whom she dragged into the photography room each lunch time.[17] Elena's social status was cemented by the false rumor she spread about having an affair with Jean-Claude, and even Caroline stopped causing trouble regarding Stefan's rejecting her.[18] She attended the Homecoming Dance with Stefan, dressed in a pure gold lame dress. She was condescending and patronising towards Elena.[18] Stefan left Caroline at the dance when he suspected that Elena was in danger with Tyler Smallwood.[19]

Stefan ended the one-sided relationship he had with Caroline, as he did not have any feelings towards her.[17] Caroline later observed Elena writing in her diary in History of Europe.[20]

Caroline attended the Haunted House fund-raiser dressed as Cleopatra, wearing a cobra on her head and a sheer linen sheath. Matt had some difficulty keeping his eyes from drifting from her face. Stefan choosing Elena over her led to a new resentment for her.[21]

Scheming with TylerEdit

Caroline: "I told you when school started that things were going to be different this year, Elena. I warned you your time on the throne might be running out. But it isn't my doing. What's happening is simply natural selection. The law of the jungle."
Elena: "And just what is happening?"
Caroline: "Well, let's just say that going out with a murderer can put a cramp in your social life."
— Caroline and Elena[src]

Caroline, wanting revenge against Elena and Stefan, and Tyler, who also disliked Stefan and wanted to ruin Founders' Day on account of his resentment for the Fell family, plotted to steal Elena's diary and read it in front of the whole town, providing circumstantial evidence that Stefan was behind the recent attacks.[22]

Physical descriptionEdit

"There was no doubt that the girl was worth looking at: long, golden-brown limbs, a shapely body, and bronze-colored hair that fell around her face in waves."

Caroline had auburn hair[3] that fell around her face in waves,[23] and her eyes were green.[3] She tanned her skin to a bronze color[4] and looked like a Vogue model.[14]


Notes and referencesEdit

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