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Damon Salvatore
Biographical information

Between 1486 and 1498[1]


Between 1515 and 1518[2] (aged 21)[3]

Marital status



Damon Smith



Physical description



Between 5'7 - 5'8

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
Animal transformation
  • Crow
  • Wolf
Turned by

Elena Gilbert (with Stefan Salvatore)

"Little brother, the world is full of what you call 'wrong'. Why not relax and join the winning side? It's much more fun, I assure you."
—Damon to Stefan[src]

Damon Salvatore (b. between 1486 and 1498[1]) was the eldest son of Conte and Contessa di Salvatore and brother of Stefan. He and his brother were fed vampire blood by Katarina von Swartzschild and, after Katarina staged her death, both became vampires after they killed each other.

In 1991, Damon and Stefan, who developed a hatred of each other over who was to blame for Katarina's apparent death, were led to Fell's Church, Virginia by the very vampire they believed was dead. There, they met Elena Gilbert, who had a strong resemblance to her. Both fell in love with her, which resulted in Katarina unsuccessfully attempting to kill all three of them, though Elena managed to kill her. Shortly after, Damon helped in the fight against Klaus, and later against Shinichi and Misao.




16th-20th centuryEdit

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"Charming as he seemed, Damon was dangerous almost beyond imagination. That graceful, lounging body was ten times stronger than a human's. Those lazy dark eyes were adapted to seeing perfectly at night. The long-fingered hand that had pulled her up to the roof could move with impossible quickness. And, most disturbing of all, his mind was the mind of a killer. A predator. She could feel it just beneath his surface. He was different from a human. He had lived so long by hunting and killing that he'd forgotten any other way. And he enjoyed it, not fighting his nature as Stefan did, but glorying in it. He had no morals and no conscience, and she was trapped here with him in the middle of the night."



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  1. 1.0 1.1 Damon was able to pass for a university student (which, indeed, he was when he was Changed) and is often described as being a young man. As such, he could have been no more than ten years older than Stefan, whom he could be mistaken for.
  2. Damon and Stefan are said to have been Changed by Katherine "almost half a millennium" ago in, among other places, the sixteenth chapter of The Return: Nightfall. As this book takes place in 1992, this must mean that the brothers were changed in 1515 or later. As Stefan was born between 1496 and 1499, the latest that he could have been Changed (as he was eighteen years of age at the time) is 1518 (taking into account the possibility that he was turned in the year that he would have turned nineteen). As Damon was Changed at the same time, this dates also prove true for him.
  3. "[...] he did something that no ordinary eighteen-year-old could have pulled off without looking like an idiot. He took Caroline’s hand and kissed it as gracefully and unthinkingly as if he were some count from nearly half a millennium ago. Which, of course, was pretty much what he was, Bonnie thought." (The Return: Nightfall - Chapter 4)
  4. He was still Damon, and he'd be a lot happier without the weight of all that hatred and prejudice and cruelty. He wouldn't keep remembering his youth and the other young blades who'd mocked his father for being an old fool, with his disastrous investments and his mistresses younger than his own sons. Neither would he endlessly dwell on his own childhood, when that same father had beaten him in drunken rages when he neglected his studies or took up with objectionable companions. And, finally, he would not go on savoring and contemplating the many terrible things he'd done himself." (The Return: Nightfall - Chapter 34)
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