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Stefan Salvatore: "Wait. What is your — your father — going to do to you when he finds out that you allowed this?"
Sage: "He will not kill me. He may even find it as amusant as I do, and we will be sharing a belly laugh tomorrow."
— Sage and Stefan Salvatore on the Devil[src]

The Devil was a fallen angel.[1] He fathered a son named Sage through a mortal French woman, who later died and was damned.[1] The Devil's relationship with his son is largely unknown; Sage was loyal to his father, though he also wanted to avenge his mother. He also made a deal with Klaus at some point, making it possible that the Devil himself changed the Old Ones.

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"Imperial Summons? Sometimes Sage got them. From the Fallen One, who lived in the Infernal Court, at the lowest of the Dark Dimensions. And when Sage did get them, he was expected to be in that dimension instantly, in mid-word, in mid-caress, in mid - whatever. So far Sage had always made the deadline, Damon knew that. He knew it because Sage was stil alive."
  • Though Sage's father's identity was hinted at, L.J. Smith confirmed that Sage's father was the Devil through an email.[1]


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