Elena's Christmas
Elena's Christmas

L.J. Smith

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December 19, 2010[1]



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"This is a little sugarplum of a story brought on by the holiday season."
L.J. Smith[1]

Elena's Christmas is the fourth instalment in the An Untold Tale series, uploaded onto on December 19, 2010.[1] The story is set during Elena Gilbert's first two weeks since her return from the Other Side, although Smith expressed concern that the story may not actually work with the timeline of the books.[1]

Author's notesEdit

"This is a little sugarplum of a story brought on by the holiday season. It's a fantasy, really, since I'm not sure you could work it into the two weeks Elena spent relearning to walk, talk, and identify the Senate Majority Whip on a television. It may exist only in Neverland. But I wanted to give a Christmas present and the story of Cassie rescuing Nick from Deep Waters is ballooning into a novel, and didn't end on a very cheery note, anyway."[1]

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