Elena (Tellerup, 2012)
Elena Gilbert
Biographical information

June, 1974[1]
Fell's Church, Virginia[2]


November 30, 1991 (aged 17)


December 13, 1991 (aged 17; revived)
Fell's Church, Virginia

Marital status

In a relationship


Ice Princess (by peers)

Physical description






5'5 - 5'6

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
Turned by

Stefan and Damon Salvatore


Gilbert family

"Elena had been like a force of nature: take her or leave her for the passionate, cynical, idealistic,self-centered, generous-to-a-fault, girl that had been her mortal self. A wild tropical storm in rising in a millpond. An orchid in a field of daisies; a gryphon in a herd of sheep. Elena had never been like anyone but herself. And she had absolutely gloried in the moment when she could drop all her defenses and submit entirely to the fate of the quarry caught by the hunter—because the hunter had been her heart's desire, and because in all other things he was her slave, to cherish or spurn or destroy as she pleased."
Elena Gilbert (b. June[3], 1974) was the daughter of Elizabeth Morrow and Thomas Gilbert and the older sister of Margaret Gilbert. Since her parents' death when she was eleven, she was raised by her aunt Judith. Elena was supposed to have died in the car crash to become a Guardian but it failed.

In 1991, Elena sacrificed herself to defeat Katarina and with help from the spirits of Fell's Church sent Klaus to Judgement. The Celestial Court sent her back as a Guardian once Klaus was dealt with. Elena, Stefan and Damon worked together to defeat Shinichi, Misao, and Inari. A deal with the Celestial Court led to these supernatural events being effectively erased, aside from in the group's memories.

Elena had a romantic relationship Stefan Salvatore until he erased her memories of him, after the reset, and replaced himself with his brother Damon. She currently attends Dalcrest College.


Early life

Elena was born in June[4] 1974 as the oldest daughter of Elizabeth Morrow and Thomas Gilbert. She was raised in the Gilbert house in Fell's Church, Virginia with her younger sister Margaret and her parents' until their deaths in 1987. Her aunt Judith and her aunt's fiancee Robert became her and little Margaret's legal guardians after the incident.

Elena, Bonnie, Meredith, Matt, and Caroline have been friends since kindergarten and would later talk about how they had planned their lives out since meeting there.[5]

Physical Description

Elena was described as being average height, with pale blonde hair and eyes the color of lapis lazuli with gold flecks in them. Her skin was fair, alabaster in color with a rosy hue.

Personality and Traits



Stefan Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

Bonnie McCullough

Meredith Sulez

Matt Honeycutt

Caroline Forbes


Behind the scenes

In the television adaptation, Elena is a brunette and has brown eyes. Her parents died over the summer instead of years prior. She's not a Guardian as well. She has a younger teen brother/cousin named Jeremy instead of a sister.


Notes and references

  1. In Chapter 1 of The Return: Shadow Souls, which takes place in August, Elena says that she is eighteen years old. Based on Chapter 1 of Dark Reunion, Elena's birthday had not occurred between December 13, 1991 and June 21, 1992, nor was her birthday mentioned in The Return: Nightfall to have been the week after. Therefore, she must have been born in August. Additionally, Elena stated in Chapter 13 of The Struggle that she would turn eighteen the following summer.
  2. Elena Gilbert: I was born here in Fell's Church. (The Awakening - Chapter 1)
  3. Matt & Elena: Tenth Date: On Wickery Pond: Matt: He even knew what her birthstone was: pearl. For Elena's birthstone to be pearl that would mean she was born in the month of June.
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