"A picture postcard-perfect small Southern town of deep-porched houses surrounded by carefully tended flower gardens and big old trees. The sun was shining and the air was warm with the promise of a hot and humid Virginia summer day."

Fell's Church is a small town in Boone County, Virginia, located near Heron. It was founded in the 19th century by Thomas and Honoria Fell, as well as several other families, including the Smallwoods. As the Fell's Church Cemetery and Old Wood are located at a large convergence of ley-lines, the town attracts supernatural creatures. It is connected to Ridgemont by Old Wood Road.



Fell's Church was founded by several families, including the Smallwoods, led by Thomas Keeping Fell and his wife, the witch Honoria.

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In the TV adaptation the town is renamed to Mystic Falls due to Fell's Church sounding too similar to Falls Church, a real city in Virginia.


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  2. They were planning to see a horror movie at Fellʼs Churchʼs one working theater (Matt & Elena: Tenth Date: On Wickery Pond)
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