Flowers boardinghouse
Flowers boardinghouse
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Fell's Church, Virginia


Theophilia Flowers


Flowers family

"They passed fenced pastures and dark fields until they reached a long winding drive. The boarding house was a vast building of rust-red brick made from the native clay, and it was flanked with age-old cedars and maples. All but one of the windows were dark. Stefan unlocked one of the double doors and they stepped into a small hallway, with a flight of stairs directly in front of them. The banister, like the doors, was natural light oak so polished that it seemed to glow."

The Flowers boardinghouse is a vast structure made of red brick, possibly Colonial Revival, which became popular after 1870. It was resided in by the ancestors of Theophilia Flowers from the pioneering days onwards,[1] and was opened as a boardinghouse by her.


"Dear Mama always said that if I kept the place, I might have to take in boarders, and to be sure not to take in foreigners."

The house was made of red brick, possibly making it Colonial Revival, which was popularized after 1870. The family that inhabited it moved westwards to Fell's Church, Virginia in the 18th century as American pioneers.[1]

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