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Robert E. Lee High School

Elena Gilbert: "The gardener. He was crazy about those hibiscus bushes. He was also married, with two kids."
Bonnie McCullough: "Pity. And you told Frances not to tell anyone about him..."
Elena Gilbert: "Right. Which means that by, oh, say two o'clock, it ought to be all over the school."
Elena and Bonnie[src]

Frances Decatur[2] (fl.2013) was a student at Robert E. Lee High School. She attempted to make friends by standing around near the more popular students.[3]


Elena Gilbert used Frances's vulnerability to her advantage, and asked her to obtain a copy of Stefan Salvatore's class schedule, whether by copying it from Stefan or stealing it from the office.[3] She later presented the schedule to Elena.[3] After hearing the rumor that Stefan was a drug addict, Frances went to tell Elena, who feigned disinterest and told her about her fictional relationship with Jean-Claude, asking her to keep it a secret. In reality, she was manipulating Frances, and counted on her spreading the story around the school, which she did.[4]

Frances spoke at Elena's memorial service, mistakenly interpreting Elena's actions that September as having been friendly, when, in reality, she was simply using her.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • While it is likely that Frances was in the same year as Elena, it is never clearly stated so.


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