Honoria Fell
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Human (psychic[1])



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Thomas Fell (husband) †


Protector of Fell's Church (formerly)

"But I never used my powers for harm, and when I died they built me this monument so that my husband and I could lie in peace. But then, after many years, our peace was disturbed. Another Power came to Fell's Church, full of hatred and destruction. It defiled my resting place and scattered my bones. It made its home here. It went out to work evil against my town. I woke."
—Honoria Fell[src]

Honoria Fell (c.19th century) was co-founder of Fell's Church, alongside her husband Thomas. Being a psychic,[1] she helped protect the town from natural and supernatural forces, even after her death, acting as a ghostly protector of the town. After using Bonnie McCullough to give signs and assistance in her and her friends' search for the Other Power, Honoria felt that she had "earned [her] rest", and moved on.


Notes and referencesEdit

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