Jessalyn D'Aubigne
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1990[2] (aged 18[1])

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Mademoiselle la Princesse

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Sage (rumoured[2])


Damon Salvatore

"Whoever had wrenched this delicate, fragile-boned girl from the human world and had endowed her with a vampire's nature hadn't done her any favors. It wasn't that she had any moral objections to vampirism. She'd taken to the life easily, enjoying it. She would have made a good huntress in the wild. But in this castle? With these servants? It was like having a hundred snooty waiters and two hundred condescending sommeliers staring her down as soon as she opened her mouth to give an order."

Mademoiselle la Princesse Jessalyn D'Aubigne (b. c.1972) was a vampire and noble of the Dark Dimension. She was rumoured to have been turned by Sage, son of the Devil, who gifted her with riches and a small castle.[2]

In August, 1992, D'Aubigne Changed Damon Salvatore, who claimed to want to die because he could never have her as his lover, the reason being that none had ever spoken to her like that. She gave him the position of captain of the guard, and left her service without saying goodbye, keeping her asleep using the Powers.


Notes and referencesEdit

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