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"Don't blow it on just anything. Keep it till a special occasion comes. You'll know when the time is right. An' fer God's sake— don't y'dare spend it on cigarettes, right? Don't you get the habit, boy, cause it's only going to bring you grief."
—Joe giving a $100 bill to Matt[src]

Joe (d. autumn 2010[1]) was the great-uncle of Matt Honeycutt. He once went ice-fishing in Alaska, where he fell into the ice cold water and managed to survive thanks to a passage he remembered from a book.[3] He had three wives, none of whom he could keep ahold of.[2]

A heavy drinker[2] and a smoker, he developed terminal cancer.[4] On his deathbed in autumn 2010, in a hospital, he handed Matt a $100 bill, telling him to save it for "a special occasion". He died due to lack of oxygen shortly after.

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