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Nurse[2] at the Fell's Church clinic[4] (fl.1991)

"The fourth person who came in was only a little older than Bonnie, but she had an air of brisk authority that belied her youth."

Mary McCullough (b. 1972[1]) was the fourth daughter of Colin and Ailsa McCullough (née MacLachlan), and sister to Sheena, Elspie, Janet and Bonnie. She worked as a nurse[2] at the clinic.[4]


Mary was born in 1972 as the fourth daughter of Colin and Ailsa McCullough. She was raised in Fell's Church, Virginia with her elder sisters Sheena, Janet and Elspie, and her younger sister Bonnie.

By the time she was nineteen, Mary had a job as a nurse[2] at the local clinic under Lowen and Feinberg.[4] On September 6, 1991, Mary heard about the attack on a man under Wickery Bridge, and, remembering that Bonnie and her friends had been in the area at the time, warned them not to go out there, especially at night.[5]

After arriving home from the clinic one day, Mary was asked by Bonnie and Matt Honeycutt to see to Stefan Salvatore at the Flowers boardinghouse. She read Stefan's pulse, which she found to be surprisingly low (due to his status as a vampire) and tried to take his temperature, but Elena dropped and smashed it. Mary concluded that Stefan should see a doctor the following day, although Stefan had no intention of doing so.[6]

Feinberg later told Mary that the medical examiner found that Tanner's body was completely drained of blood. She told this to Bonnie, who passed the information along to Stefan and Elena.[7]

Physical descriptionEdit

"Bonnie's sister Mary was there, unpinning a cap from her wavy red hair."

Mary McCullough had wavy red hair.[3] She wore a nursing cap while working at the clinic.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

" [Mary] was only a little older than Bonnie, but she had an air of brisk authority that belied her youth."

Mary was protective towards her younger sister, as shown by her concern after learning of the homeless man's attack near Fell's Church cemetery. Despite her youth, Mary had a dominating presence and an air of brisk authority.


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