Old Ones
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  • Causing the extinction of the human race
  • Enslaving the world's population
  • To create more vampires

The Devil

"Every vampire was made by another vampire, changed by the exchange of blood. But somewhere, back in time, had been the Originals, the ones who hadn't been made. They were where the line of continuity stopped. No one knew how they'd gotten to be vampires themselves. But their Powers were legendary."

The Old Ones (also known as the Originals) were ten legendary individuals who became vampires, possibly thanks to a bargain with the Devil.


During the Bronze Age[1] and before 2611 BC,[2] ten individuals — seven male and three female — were made into vampires, possibly through a deal with the Devil, whom Klaus claimed to have bargained with.[2] The Old Ones, as they became known as, had the ability to Change humans, beginning the vampire bloodline. They had begun this prior to the building of the pyramids,[2] and became known as Alexander, Benevenuto, Davos, Gunnar, Klaus, Pachacuti, Solomon, Celine, Chihiro and Milimo.

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the television adaptation, there are six Originals - five siblings and their father. They are notably younger than the Old Ones of the book series.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Klaus: "I was tearing pretty white throats when your ancestors were building the Colosseum . I killed with Alexander's army. I fought in the Trojan War. I'm old, Salvatore. I'm one of the Originals. In my earliest memories I carried a bronze ax. (Dark Reunion - Chapter 12)
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Tyler Smallwood: He told me he's one of the Old Ones, one of the Originals, whatever that means. He said he's been making vampires since before the pyramids. He said he's made a bargain with the devil. You could stick a stake in his heart and it wouldn't do anything. You can't kill him. (Dark Reunion - Chapter 10)

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