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Honoria Fell: "Like Bonnie, I knew things no one else could know. I saw things no one else could see."
Bonnie McCullough: "You were psychic."
Honoria Fell: "In those days, they called it witchery."
Honoria Fell and Bonnie McCullough[src]

A psychic, also known as a witch,[1] is a human capable of using and sensing[2] Power. Psychics are able to linger as ghosts after death, able to communicate with certain living psychics. They have to be licensed in the Dark Dimension.[3]


  • Foresight: Psychics are capable of glimpsing into the future by going into trance. This can be achieved by looking at another's palm if it's the future of a particular person that one wants to investigate, or through a ritual for the general future.
  • Mediumship: Theophilia Flowers was capable of communicating with the ghosts of her mother and grandmother.
  • Possession: Honoria Fell was capable of possessing Bonnie McCullough and speaking through her.
  • Sensing: After her powers had grown, Bonnie was able to sense Power when it was being used. She was also able to sense that there was something wrong with Caroline Forbes after she was possessed by a malach.
  • Telekinesis: When Mrs Flowers, her mother and grandmother became one, Theo was capable of using telekinesis.[4]
  • Telepathy: Bonnie was capable of communicating with Stefan Salvatore from afar through a psychic tunnel of communication after casting a summoning spell.[5] She was also capable of sending out a psychic message to Damon.[6]

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