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Between September 1, 1974 and August 31, 1975


June 6, 1992 (aged 17/18; revived)

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"She was the only girl at school besides Bonnie and Meredith who'd stood by Elena when everyone else had turned against her. At Elena's funeral she'd said that Elena would always be the real queen of Robert E. Lee, and she'd given up her own nomination for Snow Queen in Elena's memory. Nobody could hate Sue."

Sue Carson (1974 or 1975–June 6, 1992 [revived]) was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carson and younger sister to Douglas. She was murdered by Klaus, and her blood used to activate Tyler Smallwood's werewolf side, and later revived by the Celestial Court.



"She and Elena hadn't been close friends since elementary school, but they'd remained on good terms."

Sue was born between September 1, 1974 and August 31, 1975 to Mr. and Mrs. Carson, as the younger sister of Douglas. The family had a dog named Chelsea.[3] Sue was close friends with Elena Gilbert in elementary school,[4] and the two often played together in the summer.[5] However, they drifted apart after moving to Robert E. Lee High School.[4] She also befriended Deanna Kennedy at some point.

Robert E. LeeEdit

"When I was up for Homecoming Queen, I wanted to be chosen, but I knew I wouldn't be and that was all right. Because if Robert E. Lee ever had a queen, it was Elena."

In 1991, Sue ran for Homecoming Queen, but lost to Elena, which she had anticipated.[6] She was instead a princess in the Homecoming Court[7] alongside Caroline Forbes, Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez.

Sue was the first student picked by Alaric Saltzman to share their name and opinion regarding the attacks on a tramp and Vickie Bennett. She stated that she was scared because the "maniac" was still on the loose, and that she could be next.[8] Alaric later apologized to her, Bonnie, and Tyler Smallwood for making them relive their experiences, and suggested that they start a support group or write an essay that night to express their feelings.[9]

Sue later attended Alaric's party at the Ramsey house, where she met Damon Salvatore, going by the surname "Smith" and pretending to be a college student from The College of William and Mary. Sue introduced him to Elena, and was apparently oblivious to the fact that he only took an interest in Elena.[9] While Sue was talking to a friend of hers after History about Damon, Elena interrupted, warning them to stay away from him. Sue and her friend laughed embarrassedly, and Sue seemed to regret not having shunned Elena after Halloween.[10]

After Elena was presumed dead, Sue spoke at her memorial, as did her father, about how she respected her. Doug and their mother were also in attendance. She was most aggrieved, and cried "as if she'd lost a sister".[3] After the memorial, Chelsea and the rest of the town's dogs attacked the people at the service, with Doug helping to protect everyone. He was saved by Stefan Salvatore, and Chelsea was quarantined.

"It's the thirteenth; Friday night, you know. Oh my God, Friday the thirteenth. I didn't even think about that. But it reminds me that there was one other thing I wanted to tell you. This morning I took my name out of the running for snow queen. It—it just seemed right, somehow."
—Sue on the Snow Dance[src]

Sue later thanked Stefan herself for saving Doug, and apologized to him for how he had been shunned since Tanner's death at Halloween. She also told him and Bonnie that she had withdrawn her name from the running for Snow Queen in Elena's memory.[11]


"He's tall. And he's laughing. He's reaching for me, laughing. But Sue screams 'No, no' and tries to pull me away. So he takes her instead. The window's broken, and the balcony is right there. Sue's crying 'No, please.' And then I watch him—I watch him throw her..."
Vickie Bennett[src]

Caroline invited Sue to Meredith's eighteenth birthday party, remarking that the two got along. After Bonnie spoke about how she believed that Elena had tried to communicate with her, Sue suggested somehow getting in contact with her, prompting Caroline to mention that her mother and father owned a Ouija board. The girls used the board to communicate with Elena.[12]

"The balcony railing had been blasted out like the French windows and Bonnie could see straight down to the lighted yard below. On the ground there was a twisted figure like a broken doll, limbs askew, neck bent at a grotesque angle, blonde hair fanned on the dark soil of the garden. It was Sue Carson."

After the power went out, the girls had to navigate their way through the house in the dark. Sue and Vickie ended up upstairs, where Klaus tried to grab Vickie. Sue tried to protect her, so he instead attacked Sue[13] and fed Tyler Smallwood her blood to activate his werewolf gene. He then threw Sue over the balcony, before telling Vickie that she was next.[14]


Sue was revived by the Celestial Court at Elena's request.[15]

Physical descriptionEdit

Sue Carson was considered "pretty",[16] with blue eyes[2] and fair, blonde hair.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Sue: "One thing I learned from her death is that it could happen to any of us. You can't waste any of life because you never know how long you've got."
Vickie: "It could be sixty years or sixty minutes. Any of us could die tonight."
— Sue and Vickie Bennett[src]

Sue Carson was well-liked at Robert E. Lee, getting on with just about everybody.[17] She was among the few who remained friendly with Elena after Stefan was accused of Tanner's murder. She admired and respected Elena, particularly for refused to conform.[6] Elena's death gave Sue a "carpe diem" attitude, making her aware of how short life is. She died after trying to save Vickie from Klaus, unwittingly being killed in her place.[13]


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