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October, 2013
Robert E. Lee High School, Fell's Church

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European History teacher (-2013)


Robert E. Lee High School

"The teacher was pacing about the room like a ferret, asking questions, and Stefan deliberately fixed his attention on the man. At first he was puzzled, for although none of the students knew the answers, the questions kept coming. Then he realized that that was the man's purpose. To shame the students with what they didn't know."

Tanner (d.October, 2013, r.August, 2014) was a European History teacher at Robert E. Lee High School. He was unpopular with his students, whom he often belittled and mocked. He played the role of the Bloody Corpse for the Haunted House event in 2013 after Lyman fell sick. He stabbed Damon Salvatore, who proceeded to feed on him. Katarina von Swartzschild drained the last of Tanner's blood, killing him.[1]

Tanner was sent back to Earth by the Celestial Court in August, 2014, with no memories of his death. In the fabricated timeline created by the Court, Tanner repelled an apparent vampire attack, and Alaric Saltzman was called in by Brian Newcastle to take his place and find the vampire.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. L.J. Smith: Here I wish I could go back to a VAMPIRE DIARIES discussion I was having via email about whether Damon kiled [sic] Mr. Tanner. I recently had a long email discussion with isalu in which I maintained that Katherine had actually killed Mr. Tanner. We know she was following Stefan and Damon and my idea was that while Damon fed on Mr. Tanner, he didn't finifh [sic] him off. Whether or not that explanation will fly, I do believe in redemption. (Source)
  2. Ryannen: We can make it so that your Mr. Tanner repelled an apparent vampire attack and the school called in Alaric Saltzman, asking him to take Tanner's place and investigate the attack. (The Return: Midnight - Chapter 42)
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