The Fury (Harper Torch)
The Fury

L.J. Smith

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The Struggle

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Dark Reunion

"The final conflict..."

The Fury is the third novel in the Vampire Diaries series, and third of the original story arc. The book was written by L.J. Smith and was first published in the United States in 1991 by HarperTeen.


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"Centuries ago, two brothers - Stefan and Damon - fell victims to the power of love, their legacy being to live through the ages as the undead - vampires.

And now Elena, her lifeless body discovered in a river, walks the earth once more, sharing their fate - and causing brother to fight brother in an inhuman contest for her love. But when a terrible darkness rises from the past, a raging hatred that threatens to destroy all those she loves, Elena knows she must bring Stefan and Damon together again - whatever the cost to herself..."


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