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Before 1885[1]

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Married (1910-1918)[2]


Theo[3] (during youth)



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"With her soft white hair and her gentle face and vague, amiable blue eyes, Mrs Flowers looked like the most harmless little old lady in the world. She wasn't. A witch by birth, and a gardener by vocation, she knew as much about black magic herbal toxins as about white magic healing poultices."

Theophilia[9] Flowers (formerly known as Theo[3]; b. before 1885[1]) was a psychic. She inherited her parents' home after her father's death during her youth and her mother's death in 1901, taking in boarders in order to afford the upkeep. Unable to become a doctor, she became a nurse,[8] and also utilised her powers as a medium on vaudeville.[7]


Early lifeEdit

"Dear Mama always said that if I kept the place, I might have to take in boarders, and to be sure not to take in foreigners."
—Mrs Flowers[src]

Theophilia, nicknamed Theo,[3] was born at some point before 1885.[1] As a child, her family home was built, just outside of Fell's Church, Virginia.[10] Her mother was a psychic, and she too had the Power. The family hosted Christmas parties at the house every December, to which they invited all of their friends.[11] Theophilia later gained a younger brother, at some point before her father's death in the 1890s at the latest. Their tradition of Christmas parties ended with his death.[11]

Theophilia knew her grandmother before her death, remembering her as a "crotchety old recluse".[12] Her mother advised her to take in boarders should she decide to keep the house after her death, but to be sure not to take in foreigners.[13]

Career and marriageEdit

"I was a medium in my day. On vaudeville, you know. So hard to achieve a trance in front of a roomful of people. But, yes, I really am a White Witch. I have the Power."
—Mrs Flowers[src]

Theophilia utilised her powers by becoming a medium on vaudeville, although she found achieving a trance in front of an audience to be difficult.[7] As women were not encouraged to become doctors at the time, she became a nurse,[8] before becoming a landlady after inheriting her house in 1901 after her mother's death. Her mother continued to linger as a ghost, regularly communicating with her, as did her grandmother on occasion. She used to make flowerpots for outside of the boardinghouse using a potter's wheel and kiln, until children smashed them.[14]

Theophilia married one Mr Flowers in 1910, when neither of them were particularly young. He fought in the First World War, being blown to pieces by a shell in 1918.[2] Though she had previously been happy, she resented having to take in boarders for financial security. She became withdrawn and bitter like her grandmother,[12] and treated by the people of Fell's Church as a crazy person.[15] However, she formed friendships with Sophia Alpert and Orime Saitou.

In 1982, Inari Saitou moved in with Orime. Mrs Flowers noticed how Orime became quieter and diffident, and that her daughter, Isobel, became more aloof. However, she did not connect the changes with Inari's arrival, believing that she was Orime's mother.[16]

Taking in StefanEdit

"We need to be safe here. You never know what might be out there in those woods, do you?"
—Mrs Flowers talking to Stefan[src]

In September, 1991, Mrs Flowers took in Stefan Salvatore at the boardinghouse, despite what her mother had told her about foreigners, and the fact that she knew that he was a vampire.[13] She enjoyed remarking on the dangers of the Old Wood after he returned from hunting animals there.[17]

Mrs Flowers kept an eye on Stefan's activities, including his meeting with Elena Gilbert one night. She met her the following day, telling her how he must still be in his room unless he had "flown off the roof", referencing how he had used that method in order to hunt. While Elena went to look for him, Meredith Sulez and Bonnie McCullough stayed with Mrs Flowers. She banged a shoe against the banister, bringing Stefan downstairs and giving Elena time to discover the ribbon that he had kept.[18]

When Elena, Meredith, Bonnie and Matt Honeycutt arrived at the boardinghouse with an injured Stefan, Mrs Flowers watched them from a window, but did not respond to Elena's calls for help. However, she had left the door unlocked for them.[19]

While Stefan and Matt were on a hunt for vervain, Elena attempted to get in contact with him (unaware of his search) by calling the boardinghouse. However, Mrs Flowers repeatedly picked up the phone and disconnected it.[20]

Elena later noticed that Mrs Flowers never seemed to be around at the boardinghouse whenever she arrived.[21] She attended the Founders' Day celebration on November 30.[22]

As part of the investigation into the Other Power in Fell's Church, Bonnie and Meredith visited the boardinghouse one day, but she did not answer the door.[23] Stefan later followed her for a whole afternoon and evening, during which she did three loads of washing in her basement and filled the many bird-feeders in her garden before returning to the basement to wipe off jars of preserves. He observed her talking to herself, though she was presumably conversing with the ghosts of her mother and grandmother.[24]

Stefan left the boardinghouse after Elena's death. Mrs Flowers left the room untouched, perhaps foreseeing his return.[25]

Stefan's returnEdit

"If you're worried I'll say something to somebody, you can set your mind at ease. I don't tend to run off at the mouth. Never have, never will. How's that grape juice?"
—Mrs Flowers[src]

The following summer, Mrs Flowers inexplicably knew that Stefan, Matt, Bonnie, Meredith and Damon Salvatore were in the old barn on her property. She took them a tray with grape juice made from her own grapes, offering some to the teenagers and telling the Salvatores that they were welcome to some blackberry wine in the cellar, recognising their age. She assured them that she would say nothing of Stefan's return, given his fugitive status, and sighed about a "pretty girl" that they theorised was either Elena or Sue Carson. She then left. Stefan also wondered whether or not she had known about Elena's stay in the barn as a vampire.[25]

Mrs Flowers was pruning roses in her garden when Stefan and his friends arrived, asking about a white ash. She pointed out where one was in the garden. She seemed unconcerned by how they removed a branch of the tree, simply telling Stefan that a package had been left for him on the porch and that she had taken to his room. The package contained a letter from Klaus and Caroline Forbes's scarf.[26] Mrs Flowers was gone by the time they had gone downstairs.[27]

After Elena's resurrection, she moved in with Stefan at the boardinghouse. Bonnie remarked on the food that Mrs Flowers had been feeding them, if she had been at all.[28] When she, Meredith, Matt and Caroline arrived at the boardinghouse to see them, they could not find Mrs Flowers, as usual.[29]

After Bonnie was attacked by a malach, Stefan told Damon to take her to the boardinghouse and wake Mrs Flowers for help.[30] However, Damon did not believe that she had any arcane knowledge, and instead fed her his blood to heal her.[31] He later asked Mrs Flowers where he could leave a message for Stefan, although she did not know who he was. She told Stefan about the message he had left after he returned from a picnic.[32]

After Elena adapted to her new life and was able to speak and think properly, she decided to practise by asking Mrs Flowers where Stefan was by calling out the window. Mrs Flowers, who was putting up wet clothes to dry, told her, after she came outside, that Stefan had left by dawn, when she had gotten up and seen that his car was gone.[32] Elena, Bonnie and Meredith decided to have a sleepover using Mrs Flowers' spare sheets, which she had conveniently washed and put out to dry that morning. Elena figured that she must have somehow known that they would need them.[33]

After Elena, Bonnie and Meredith saw the malach wound that Matt had, Elena took him to Mrs Flowers. After Bonnie saw that she gave him herbal tea, Mrs Flowers confirmed her suspicions and told them that she was a witch. She explained that her unfriendliness had been because of her growing more solitary and reclusive, but that she regretted not having gotten up earlier and been able to stop Stefan from leaving for Shi no Shi. She saw to Matt's wound, although she had only ever heard of the word malach.[34]

After finishing gardening, Mrs Flowers happened to see something sticking out from behind a begonia bush, and found a duffel bag containing Stefan's clothes. She proceeded to call and tell Meredith.[35]

Defending Fell's ChurchEdit

"But, yes, I really am a White Witch. I have the Power. And now, if you've finished your cocoa, I think it's time we went into the Old Wood to find your friends. Even though it's summertime, my dears, you'd both better dress warmly. I have."
—Mrs Flowers to Meredith and Bonnie[src]

Bonnie and Meredith later ran to the boardinghouse, where Mrs Flowers stood waiting with an old-fashioned kerosene lamp. She fed them and saw to their wounds. She suggested that the three of them go into the Old Wood to look for Elena and Matt, but Meredith told her that she should not, leading her to reveal her age, that she knew Stefan was a vampire, and that she often spoke to her mother's ghost. She also told them to dress warm, just as she had, presumably having been told by her mother beforehand.[36] She took one of Stefan's socks to see if she could get any impressions from it as she went. At the door, they found Rich Mossberg looking for Matt, who had been accused of raping Caroline Forbes. However, Mrs Flowers barred his way to prevent him entering the boardinghouse. After he left, she remarked that the poultice she had used on Matt's wounds would have left them looking like a girl's nail-marks.[37]

The three located Matt in the Old Wood, as well as Dr Alpert, Jim Bryce and Inari Saitou. After they claimed to have seen the boardinghouse from a distance that would make it an impossibility, they looked towards the house and saw that Stefan's light was still on, though Meredith had turned it off. They came to the conclusion that they were being supernaturally messed with.[38] They managed to find Elena, and met Shinichi and Misao, whom Elena chased off.[39]

"Mrs Flowers is glad to have Matt around; like I said, they're a solid team. And now that she has finally spoken to the human race of the twenty-first century, I think she likes it. And she's been practising the craft constantly."

Before Elena, Matt and Damon left to look for Stefan, Elena asked Mrs Flowers for bath salts that would help her relax.[40] When Bonnie and Meredith left for the Dark Dimension, they left Mrs Flowers and Matt to look after Fell's Church, with Meredith remarking that they made a "solid team" and that Mrs Flowers had been practising witchcraft constantly.[41] Due to Matt being wanted by the police, Mrs Flowers allowed him to live at the boardinghouse.[42]

As malach spread throughout the children of the town, Mrs Flowers believed that they would have started having pep-rally-esque meetings. She suggested that Matt ask Inari Saitou for Shinto wards in case of a barricade, which her tea-leaves warned her about. She also asked that he alert Dr Alpert to the danger so that she could get herself, her daughter and her grandchildren out of the town.[42]

After Sheriff Mossberg disappeared in the Old Wood, Matt came across Rebecca, who was wearing his shirt and badge. He gave the badge to Mrs Flowers, who attempted to get some impression from it. She and her mother both felt a great disturbance in the object. Mrs Flowers and Matt decided to look for him, with Mrs Flowers insisting that he wear some of the spell-woven clothes in her possession for protection.[43]

Mrs Flowers and Matt decided that Tyrone Alpert could be trusted to help them, promising him the opportunity to fix up her Model T. Entering the Old Wood, Mrs Flowers used Mossberg's badge to give her a vision of his actions, which led to them finding one of Mossberg's bones, covered in children's teeth-marks.[44]

Ready for the barricade, Mrs Flowers and Matt took to sleeping in the bunker that her uncle had built for his woodwork. One night, Mrs Flowers heard Caroline Forbes talk to Matt through the crack under the door, and told him that, should she return, he should ask her Mrs Forbes' first name.[45] A Gateway later opened outside of the bunker, and Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie and Meredith returned, with Sage, Saber and Talon. As Mrs Flowers left to make sandwiches, Shinichi appeared to taunt them. He threatened to kill Meredith if they did not hand over Misao's star ball, but Mrs Flowers used Inari's Post-It notes to rescue her.[46]

Sage left Mrs Flowers a note thanking her for her hospitality, and left behind Saber and Talon to protect the household. She made poultices for Stefan, for where his bones were sticking out of his skin. Paired with the blood donated by everyone else, Stefan was able to walk downstairs and thank Mrs Flowers in person.[47]

The Last MidnightEdit

"Dear Meredith may have decided to block out the truth herself. With a child of three it's hard to say. If they never got her professional help..."
—Mrs Flowers[src]

Mrs Flowers took charge of caring for Stefan,[47] and also made a poultice for Elena after she burned herself.[48] She was shaken after two officers from the Ridgemont Sheriff's Department arrived looking for Matt, almost knocking her onto the ground before Stefan caught her.[49] She later listened to Meredith talk about her past and identity as a hunter-slayer, suggesting that she may have blocked out her memory of Cristian, and decided to recreate the urns used to contain Shinichi and Misao.[50]

When Meredith discovered that she was half-vampire, Mrs Flowers drugged her to give her a good night's sleep, as her mother suggested. Dr Alpert later called her, telling her that she was taking Mrs Honeycutt and several other people out of Fell's Church.[51] Her mother told her that Matt was "not in Fell's Church", leading them to believe that he had been arrested and taken to Ridgemont. She helped him escape the court, removing the duct tape that held him to his chair.[52] She fed everyone, including Saber, upon returning home.[53]

Mrs Flowers helped trap Shinichi in the root cellar of the boardinghouse after her mother told her that he (disguised as Stefan) was a kitsune.[54] She, Matt and Meredith moved to the Honeycutt house after the boardinghouse was attacked by malach. Ghostly noises in the house were later found to be Cole Reece, living in the basement. She suggested pouring Power from Misao's star ball around the town to protect it after learning of the Last Midnight from Cole.[55] They also decided to gather the children of the town at Matt's house, where Mrs Flowers fed them and tended to their injuries.[56]

Mrs Flowers gave her Blackberry to Meredith in order to search the Internet for information on "Inari", which resulted in her discovering Inari Saitou's true identity. Mrs Flowers decided that it was her duty to fight Inari, utilising a magic bullwhip left behind as a gift from Sage, as well as her own will, to merge with her mother and grandmother and become young.[57]

As "Theo", Mrs Flowers fought Inari. She was badly injured, but survived after Inari's star ball was destroyed by Elena. Following the fight, she returned to her normal form.[58]

After the restorationEdit

Elena: "So... why have we come this morning?"
Mrs Flowers: "To find out what I've been trying to find out since late last night. Whether a certain poor vampire's soul is drifting through the æther, or reincarnated, or if it has... simply disappeared."
— Mrs Flowers and Elena[src]

Following the restoration of Fell's Church, Mrs Flowers spent an evening attempting to locate Damon's soul. Her mother told her to get Bonnie to attempt dowsing, and, the following morning, her grandmother took over her mind and drew a map of the Dark Dimension for this very purpose. She spent four days with Bonnie, Elena and Stefan, attempting to locate him, with Matt and Meredith occasionally visiting during the day. They finally managed to locate his soul, inside of his body on the smallest moon of the Nether World.[59]

Physical descriptionEdit

Mrs Flowers had blue eyes,[6] a gentle face,[60] and fair hair.[4] She was tall and reed slender.[61] In her old age, she had grey hair.[62] She was short and wrinkled,[63] and often wore a gardening hat with artificial flowers on it.[64] By September, 1992, she was using a cane to get around.[65]

Personality and traitsEdit

Mrs Flowers: "The people here are like people everywhere. Treat them as you'd like to be treated, and things will be fine. It was only when I'd let myself become a bitter, lonely old woman, always resentful of the fact that I had had to turn my home into a boarding-house just to make ends meet, that people began to treat me – well, at best as a loony old hag."
Meredith: "Oh, Mrs Flowers – and we've been such a bother to you!"
Mrs Flowers: "You've been the saving of me, child. Dear Stefan was the start, but as you can imagine, he didn't want to explain all his little differences to me, and I was suspicious of him. But he was always cordial and respectful and Elena was like sunlight, and Bonnie like laughter. Eventually, when I dropped my hidebound barriers, so did you young ones. I won't say more about those who are present so as not to embarrass you, but you've done me a world of good."
— Mrs Flowers and Meredith[src]

As a child and young woman, Mrs Flowers was very happy.[10] However, she resented the fact that she had to take in boarders in order to afford to keep the house, and became reclusive and bitter,[15] later believing that she would have ended up like her grandmother.[12] She did not like answering the telephone, repeatedly picking it up and disconnecting it when Elena Gilbert called.[20] She held racial prejudices which she overcame with Stefan Salvatore,[13] who she enjoyed teasing with subtle hints that she knew that he was a vampire. Mrs Flowers grew fond of Stefan, eventually opening up to him and his friends and becoming a useful ally to them. She thanked them for saving her from her solitary life.

Behind the scenesEdit


Notes and referencesEdit

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