Theophilia Flowers' grandmother
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Before 1901[1]


Grandmama (by Theophilia Flowers)

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Human (psychic)



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Flowers family

"But this is Grandmama's own personal recipe that has kept many a wound disease-free down the cen- down the years. [...] She was actually accused of being a witch. But at her trial they could prove nothing. Her accusers seemed not even to be capable of coherent speech."
Theophilia Flowers[src]

Theophilia Flowers' grandmother was a skilled healer and psychic, whose anti-tetanus recipe containing lemon balm and alcohol was passed down the family for centuries.[2] She was once accused of being a witch, but her captors seemed incapable of coherent speech and there was no evidence against her.[2] In life, she apparently had difficulty relating to men.[3] She was also a fan of William Shakespeare.[4]

In August, 2014, she and her daughter (as ghosts) became one with Theophilia, transforming her into a youthful form and affording her great power during her battle with Inari Saitou.[5] To help locate Damon Salvatore, she took over her granddaughter's mind and drew a map of the Dark Dimension.[6] In September, she and her daughter spoke to Mrs Flowers regarding her prediction that Elena Gilbert was in danger from a Salvatore.[7] She relayed a passage from A Midsummer Night's Dream,[4] and snorted whenever Mrs Flowers asked her to elaborate.[8]


Notes and referencesEdit

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