Elena (Dark Reunion; Tellerup; 2010)
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Undead humans who feed on blood



"Blood is important, you see. For vampires, it gives life, Power. It's all we need for survival, and there are times when needing it drives us crazy."
Stefan Salvatore[src]

A vampire is an undead human who feeds on blood to sustain themselves and grant them Power. They are descended through an unconventional bloodline, as each vampire was Changed by another, which began with the Old Ones, who were made through a bargain with the Devil.[1] Vampires have the power to Influence others, although a Counter-Influence can be learnt.


"We do what we do, Meredith. We prey on your species. To us—to most of us—you are meat. And for a lot of vampires, you're disposable, a lot of them kill when they feed."
Alternative-Stefan Salvatore[src]

Vampires cannot get drunk,[2] although they experience a phenomenon similar to inebriation for a short time after drinking several different persons' blood. Some vampires deliberately pursue this state for their own pleasure.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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  3. Stefan Salvatore: It happens more often when different types of blood are mixed. Every human has a different kind of life-energy. Sometimes vampires do it deliberately just for the buzz. (Blood Will Tell)
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